H2020 and R&D collaborative programs

European programs for industrial cooperation are Euro B frameworks that provide incomparable opportunities for partnerships with major European corporations as well as grants for SME's.

The most interesting opportunities may be found in programs like Horizon 2020, SME Instrument, FTI, Eureka and Bilateral programs.

The SME Instrument can assist SME's with EU funding and support for breakthrough innovation projects with market-creating potential. Available funding starts at €500K to €2.5M.

These projects provide direct access to European funding, infrastructure, R&D and business teams of major corporations. We provide your company with concrete prospecting for collaboration with industry leaders while receiving EU grants for these activities.

Identifying and joining ideal projects and partners requires a good understanding of your technology and market, extensive experience as well as expertise and effective networking. We will help you identify relevant opportunities for your company and assist you in joining the "right" projects!